The Ultimate BTC Learning Package: Both The Basic and Advanced Online Facial Aesthetics Packages 

complete btc package
Learn and refresh your knowledge from the comfort of your home.

A combination of theory and demonstrations, with over 16 hours of content!

The online modules cover both basic and advanced procedures, as well as business and marketing tips.

We will even throw in a copy of Dr Singh's new book, 'The BTC Injectable Guide,' for free!
All for ONLY £349 (inc. VAT)

Save a whopping £149 by purchasing this package together rather than separately!

The Basic Online Package

1. Advanced Toxin - Lower Face

This module will cover:
 - Eye Brow Lift
 - Bunny Lines
 - Gummy Smile
 - Smokers Lines
 - DAO
 - Mentalis
 - Platysma
 - Hyperhidrosis
 - Masseter

2. Mid-Facial Masterclass

This module will cover:
 - Introduction
 - History of Fillers
 - Ageing Process
 - Set Up
 - Cheek Volume
 - Cheek Lifting
 - Needle and Cannula
 - Naso Labial Folds
 - Practical Demo
 - Hyalase

3. Advanced Facial Masterclass

This module will cover:
 - Introduction
 - History of Fillers
 - Ageing Process
 - Set Up
 - Temples
 - Jaw Line
 - Chin
 - Needle and Cannula
 - Practical Demo
 - Hyalase

4. The Book: Let Go Of The Handbrake (digital copy)

This module will cover:
530 pages of Dr Harry Singh’s book!

 - Chapter 1: Are You a Piston Head? AKA Why Do You Want It?
 - Chapter 2: Racing Set Up, AKA The Setup
 - Chapter 3: On the Forecourt, AKA Marketing
 - Chapter 4: The Patient Journey
 - Chapter 5: Keeping the engine running, AKA Retention
 - Chapter 6: Picking up Passengers, AKA Referrals
 - Chapter 7: Speed Acceleration, AKA Financial Mastery
 - Chapter 8: The End of the Journey? No…

5. The Secret To Why Some Delegates Succeed, Whilst Others Do Not  

This module will cover:
The 7 I’s to success.
Have you ever heard of the 7 I’s? They are the key elements found in the most successful businesses globally. But, how exactly do they impact your business and how can you utilise them to drive success?

Plus 5 Bonus Secrets:
 - 5 Strategic Pillars
 - 5 Marketing Musts
 - 5 Common Mistakes
 - 5 Tactics to Implement

The Advanced Online Package

1. Basic Toxin - Upper Third of Face

This module will cover:
- Introduction
- How it works
- Set up
- Assessment
- Promotion/regulation
- Consent/photos
- Brands
- Practical demo
- Cases/post op
- Complications
- Review

2. Lips - Basic

This module will cover:
- Introduction
- History of fillers
- Ageing process
- Set up
- Practical demo
- Lips
- Hyalase

3. Marketing Masterclass

This module will cover:
- How to make your business thrive instead of survive
- How to handle telephone enquiries and get your team on board
- Establishing your offering and making it appealing for prospective patients
- How to plan strategic marketing that will give you an influx of patients
- What you can and cannot say when advertising to not fall foul of the regulators
- The 3 M’s of the marketing mix
- Referral marketing introduction
- Online marketing introduction – the do’s and don’ts of your business website
- The future of regulation
- The 4 P’s that will reduce any potential patient complaints
- How to keep a patient for life
- Organising the perfect practice open evening or launch event
- Using the right KPIs
- Pricing structures to promote upselling
- Optimising to promote a growth in turnover
- Using gift vouchers in the right way
- How to get your patients to promote your business for you

4. Manage and Avoid Complications

This module will cover:
(i) Advertising

- What you can say and cannot say when advertising, to not fall foul of the regulators
- Do you need to be VAT registered?
- New licensing updates
- MHRA and ASA to become more proactive

(ii) How to avoid complications

- How to spot body dysmorphic patients
- How young is too young?
- Contradictions to Botox - numerous medications, including cough/cold medications
- Handling patients expectations versus anticipated results
- What is essential to have in your medical emergency bag and how to use these drugs
- Lip fillers and patients on Roaccutane
- Ptosis - how to stack the odds in your favour
- Avoiding Diplopia when treating crows feet
- ‘Essential kit’ contents for non medical emergency situations

(iii) How to manage complications

- Diagnosing and management of eye lid ptosis versus eye brow ptosis
- Bruising - latest protocol to manage
- Resistance to toxin
- Hematoma
- Acute skin infections
- Dealing with someone else's treatment - what to do and what not to do
- Vascular compromise - necrosis and compression
- Elective protocol for Hyalase
- Emergency protocol for Hyalase

5. Lips Masterclass

This module will cover:
- Understanding the anatomy of the oral area
- How the ageing process affects the oral area and the lips
- Learn how to properly assess patients for lip treatments
- Profiloplasty and beautification assessments
- Ethnic variations in lips and lip enhancement treatments
- Evaluating and selecting the right products to use
- Practical techniques on video learning how to master the use of both needles and cannulas for lip treatments
- Complications management
Copy of injectable book and blurb 2
**Please note as there is no hands on element, these modules will not be accepted by your indemnity provider as proof of competence in a particular skill. For that, you would need to attend one of our hands on workshops, details of which can be found here.
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